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Sales teams can use Warmly to identify companies that have visited their website (and, perhaps more importantly, engaged in high intent behavior on their website). Once those companies have been identified, sales teams are able to take action on this data by adding those accounts into their CRMs, identifying and enriching key personas at those accounts, and adding those individuals to sequences or sending personalized emails to initiate the sales process.

How do I utilize the Warm Accounts tab to find ICP accounts?

Warmly’s Warm Accounts tab should be considered your sales teams’ headquarters when looking into a high-level view of all of the accounts (and potentially key ICP accounts) that have visited your website in a certain period of time.

While the Warm Accounts tab should provide value to your team on its own, utilizing segments within the Warm Accounts tab will allow your team to cut through the noise and filter the data in a way that should make finding key ICP accounts easily accessible. Our team recommends that you build in segments that directly relate to your ICP (for example, based on company headquarters, employee count, revenue metrics, etc.) to help your sales team filter this data effectively.

Once applying segments, Warmly will display a set of key accounts that are ripe for prospecting.

What should I do after identifying key accounts?

After Warmly has identified key ICP accounts that have visited your website (and exhibited high intent behavior on your website, where relevant), it’s time to make sure these accounts are added to your CRM. 

If your sales team uses Salesforce or Hubspot as its CRM, we would recommend integrating with Warmly so that Warmly can write data (including accounts) automatically back into your CRM. If your sales team does not use a CRM system for which Warmly has an available integration, it’s still simple to add companies to your CRM! Simply select the ‘Export as CSV’ button within the Warm Accounts tab once you’ve filtered your data properly to receive a CSV file that is easily upload-able to your CRM platform.

From here, utilize your sales teams’ enrichment tool (ZoomInfo, Seamless, Apollo, etc.) to find the key personas at each account that you would like to target. Add these individuals as leads or contacts within your CRM, and add them to outbound email sequences or send them personalized emails (and if you’re sending personalized emails, be sure to leverage Warmly’s data in your communication!).

How often should our sales team be account prospecting with Warmly?

We have customers who utilize Warmly for account prospecting anywhere from multiple times a day to once a week. Prospects are at their hungriest for your product or service while they’re on your website, so we would recommend contacting them as soon as possible, ideally the same day. That said, we recognize this can be challenging based on the size of your sales team and the bandwidth available. In those cases, we would recommend making the prospecting process as seamless as possible so that the entire process (Warmly account processing to emails being sent) can happen in a relatively short period of time.


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