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Using UTMs To Monitor Email Traffic Sessions

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By using UTMs in email outreach, your sales and marketing teams will be able to utilize Warmly to track and organize individuals and companies that have hit your website.

How do I create a UTM-based segment within Warmly?

To create a segment for your UTMs within Warmly, simply create a Session referrer segment within Session and set the Operator to ‘contains.’ For the value, you’re able to get as general or as specific as you’d like. For example, if you’re just looking to create a segment that contains all UTM traffic in one place, it might make sense to enter ‘utm’ as the Value. On the other hand, if you’re looking to segment your data by a particular UTM (like a UTM attributed to a specific email campaign), it would likely make more sense to enter a targeted Value that aligns with your exact UTM (for example, utm_campaign=emailcampaign1).

How can I see my UTMs in action?

In the Warm Accounts and Warm Visitors tabs, you’re able to add your UTM segment to filter out the data for companies and individuals that are attributed to your specific UTM. If you set up a segment for your UTM based on a campaign, this filtering would show you all of the account-level and individual-level traffic that was driven to your website and identified from that specific campaign. If you click into any of the companies or names, you’ll be able to see the UTM query parameter(s) by selecting the button ‘See query params.’ 


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