How Warmly shortened Gainsight’s sales cycle by 15%

Posted by Alan Zhao


June 21, 2022

A collage of Gainsight employees featuring Solutions Architects and Customer Service Managers.


As the leading Customer Success platform provider, Gainsight has employees all over the world, supporting customer-centric businesses with key business issues such as customer success, product experience, and revenue optimization to name a few. Their mission to help others build deep and lasting relationships and bring a human element back into this digital space resonates strongly with our own purpose.

Gainsight's customer facing teams realized the difficulties with developing trust and credibility as meetings increasingly shifted to Zoom. To combat these rising challenges, Gainsight introduced Warmly to its workforce and almost instantly saw positive results.

Inspiring confidence and trust

Presenting as a unified front is key to establishing yourself and team as qualified, knowledgeable professionals. Rather than showing up visually disjointed due to the mismatched backgrounds, Gainsight Admins synced all backgrounds with a click. External clients seemed more focused now they knew who they were speaking to rather than trying to match the names and titles to the faces.

Warmly removes background distractions and allows meeting hosts to set personalized shoutouts and display presentations over their shoulder. To fit brand standards, Gainsight used the Admin Portal to regulate the backgrounds and Nametag elements.

Reallocating time for action items

Instead of going through  back and forth introductions and “how’s the weather” chatter, Gainsight's salespeople and solution architects had access to those details in their participants’ bios. Unlike 74% of other individuals, client-facing staff no longer needed to frantically sleuth the internet for Linkedin summaries and name pronunciation queries during the meeting.

With relevant information accessible at a glance, employees were able to reutilize those five minutes to dive deeper into action items and agenda topics, which shortened deal cycles by 15%.

Nick Mehta, CEO at Gainsight, smiling with his Warmly Nametag.
"A Warmly Nametag in every meeting is a no brainer for any organization hoping to enhance its virtual meeting experience.

Warmly helps Gainsight save thousands of hours a year on wasted introduction time."

-Nick Mehta, CEO

Saving time with 90% less
pre-meeting prep

Like many other companies, Gainsight's sales team spent several hours per week searching for information about who they're meeting with. Handling a large portfolio of clients can be difficult to remember details of a particular customer, especially when they've scheduled the initial or follow up call weeks ago. The team frequently had to refresh their memory by Googling or reviewing previous communications while balancing a packed schedule.

After enabling Calendar Signatures, Gainsight salespeople were able to easily access names, name pronunciations, job titles and location details all within the event invite as they leap into video calls. They were able to gather instant insights on their customers within their own calendar, reducing pre-meeting preparation time by 90% and reallocating the saved time to upselling current clients or securing new deals.

Jun 21, 2022